B&C Lubes and Greases

photo1Amsoil is a leader in quality synthetic lubricants with 40 years of extensive experience to endorse an impeccable reputation. Recognized as the first synthetic oil for cars, trucks, and other internal combustion engines, Amsoil was inspired by former award-winning jet fighter Lieutenant Colonel Al Amatuzio, who understood before others the extraordinary potential of synthetic lubricants. After 12 years of intensive research, the first AMSOIL synthetic motor oil was introduced on the market in 1972, setting new standards for motor oil quality and outperforming conventional petroleum motor oils. Amsoil has the experience and technological know-how to be acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of high quality and yet cost-effective and economical synthetic lubricants.

logobandclubTally Teague is the driving force and owner of B&C Lubes and Greases, which is a virtual shopping facility offering Amsoil products. Inspired by the creativeness and willpower of its owner, the company promotes and markets the cost-effective and economical lubricant products of Amsoil, a well established brand in this challenging industry. As a business owner, Tally brings her unique perspective to the business and continues to maintain the Amsoil philosophy for excellence into the 21st century. B&C Lubes and Greases is dedicated to providing customers with the best products and service while consistently expanding their portfolio. Currently featured products include synthetic oils, ATF, gear lubes, greases, air filters, and oil filters.

For more information about B&C Lubes and Greases, please visit http://www.bandclubesandgreases.com/.


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